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If you have ever played a round of golf or gone to a driving range to practice your swing, you have no doubt noticed the barriers made of netting that surrounded the facility.

​If you wonder about the purpose of this driving range netting, the answer is simple. The barriers are installed to prevent golf balls from flying off the course and causing trouble for other people.

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For example, imagine that a golf course was located near a busy street. What would happen if someone hit a drive that flew onto the road? It could hit someone's car, startle them, and potentially result in a serious accident.

Not only could this cause a lot of damage and injure a number of people, but it could expose the golf course to legal liability. If the owners of the course do not take the proper steps to ensure the safety of their neighbors, they could end up being sued and have to pay a lot of money to settle the case.

To protect themselves and those around them, it is therefore important for anyone who owns and operates a golf course to make sure that they have installed such barriers. This way, they can know that people passing by their facility will not be at risk of any harm.

Golf course owners, of course, need to make sure that they choose the right material. It needs to be tough enough to stand up to high winds and other adverse conditions. A barrier that is easily damaged will not be sufficient for the course's needs.

There are many good reasons why driving range netting should be installed around a golf course. Doing so helps to protect everyone so that people can just relax and focus on enjoying the game.

<![CDATA[​I Love Sports]]>Sat, 09 Jan 2016 19:33:39 GMThttp://daniels-fotografi.weebly.com/blog/i-love-sportsI love sports and always look forward to the weekend when I can have some time to watch my favorite sporting events. I enjoy all different types of sports but I truly enjoy sports were a goal can be scored. My two favorite sports are hockey and soccer. Both of these sports require a net where a goal can be scored.

I always find it amazing how strong these nets are. For example, in the case of hockey you have a player shooting a hard rubber puck at close to 100 mph. You would think that the puck would go completely through the net. Obviously, there is a company out there that manufactures high-quality netting materials.
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The next time that you go past a golf course, pay attention to its edges. You will almost certainly see netting surrounding the course. The purpose of this golf course netting is to make sure that golf balls are not able to fly off the course and land in someone's backyard.

It is therefore very important to make sure that golf courses choose the proper golf course netting installation service to use. If they use cheap netting, it can easily tear or become damaged. If this happens, it will not be able to properly do its job.

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If you are like many people, you have probably not spent a lot of time thinking about sports netting. Who does, after all? You probably take this material for granted and never think about it until you are playing a game of soccer or shooting some hoops.

However, having good netting is a must for many types of sports. After all, just imagine trying to play a game of tennis without a net, or playing soccer with empty goals. Once you think about it, you will realize just how important good netting can be.